Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Comparing the CO2 in the school carpark and the field during the day Lab Report

Comparing the CO2 in the school carpark and the field during the day and after school day - Lab Report Example The results were obtained from an accurate and tested carbon dioxide meter. With an increase in the number of cars at the car park picking up students after school, there is an increase in CO2 emission to the environment as compared to times when there are no cars on the compound. Burning fossil fuel is the main source of energy to power the vehicles and that means with more vehicles around the compound burning fuel for energy, more CO2 gets released to the environment. Fossil fuels contain elements like carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen among others. They release carbon monoxide when burning which mixes with oxygen in the atmosphere to form carbon dioxide. The smoke released from the exhaust pipes of vehicles are essentially carbon dioxide and since they are not trapped in any way, they get released directly to the environment. As many cars park or move around the carpark, the amount of CO2 released directly to the surrounding environment increases. Also, even when the vehicles are not in motion, the engine is still hot and the fuels continue to evapor ate and release CO2. Controlled variables: The carbon dioxide meter. The meter had to be checked to ensure that the initial measure was standard. To ensure no errors were present, different devices were used and the results compared in order to detect any variances which would indicate an error. The CO2 sensor mounted on the stand is placed outside around the carpark and the field area with free air circulation. The sensor was fastened on the clamp stand with the adhesive tape. The digital surveillance cameras were set at strategic locations to ensure that every car driving to the car park was noted and measurement recorded after every thirty minutes timed by the stopwatch. The recordings should be done between 10 a.m-12 p.m. and 3 p.m-5p.m after school. That means that recordings will be taken 4 times during the

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